Aaaand Start Over...

Monday. Again. Ugh.

This weekend has been constant go go go, but I've hardly left the house. Saturday morning I woke up (at the fricking crack of dawn) and figured I'd get Jaysens school uniform washed an ironed when something inside my head poked me. See, in this household "Ironing" is considered to be a sin, a swear word, and an affront to all things holy. Jaysens uniform gets ironed, and if we're going out somewhere, then shirts/blouse/trousers will get the quick once over. See, I can handle looking wrinkly - after all, once you hit 30 your face matches your clothes ;) And thus, the ironing in this house never happens.

Until this weekend. If it was wearable and visible (ie, not socks or underwear!) Dan ironed it. I ploughed through the laundry, I went through cupboards, I was the Ironator.

And Sunday I did the same thing!

The result? Well, as well as the ironing, I was doing the rest of the laundry, cleaning up, cooking - generally being busy all weekend, and thus, the end result was me, some painkillers, and some DVDs. Saturday night I made it to 10.15pm. Last night, I was in bed at 9.10am. What a man eh?

And so, with coffee to hand, I am now trying to wake up, and have been for the last 1hr, 40mins. Yep, I was up just before 6am. Early to bed, early to rise? Maybe, or the fact Jaysen was cheering the tooth fairy for having paid a visit.

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