Being Manly (Again)

Over the weekend, where I've been so busy, I've found that flopping down and playing dead has been pretty easy. I riled up the girlies on PDheart (my original heart-list stomping ground), I managed to download 5Gb of Warcraft Movies (that I've already seen, but meh), I plodded through True Lies and Phantoms (despite being medicated and tired), I managed to apply for the Beta-Stages of three different online games, I fawned over various up-and-coming computer games that have been "Coming Soon" since the year dot, and I managed to get my hair straightened.

Did I get away with that? Did anyone else see that last part? hehe

Last night I was bordering on exhausted, leaning waaaay back in my chair, listening to Arnie make one-line quips as he blew people up, and Jo was pottering around behind me. She started to brush my hair (because, I assumed, she is far too jealous of how nice it is) when she's said "Hold Still".

Those words would only have struck more fear into me had I been pantless and bent over.

Then my head got hot. Was she pouring water on it? Was I bleeding? Then she started pulling my hair. And she giggled. When Jo giggles, it's normally a bad sign. Last time she giggled like that, well, I wanted to kill myself. Anyway. She told me what she was up to and I figured "Well, what's the worst that could happen" and left her to it. She was busy, sectioning and straightening and combing and on and on. When she was done it was brushed down and I checked the mirror.

Oh. Gawd.

It was like someone had dug up John Lennon, inflated him with lard, and beat him around with the ugly stick for a few hours.

Now granted, my hair IS very long - I might do a comparison photo later - but after about eight inches, it sort of curls somewhat, so it's length is about "ish" long. Straight, and it's waaaay down my back. Eleven to Thirteen inches. And a straight 11-13 inches looks even longer.

And no, there are no photos. You can live without them, trust me.

So the moral of this story? Men don't need straight hair. Ugly-Undead-John-Lennon can stay locked away.

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2 Responses to “Being Manly (Again)”

Anonymous said...

It was like someone had dug up John Lennon, inflated him with lard, and beat him around with the ugly stick for a few hours.

Yikes - can't have looked that bad ;-)

It's hard not to laugh at guys who straighten their hair - my best friend J said to me he was annoyed because his brother had nicked his straighteners and taken them on holiday with him, and they were his good GHDs too! I never had that argument with my sisters, let alone my brothers...

china blue

debbie said...

Oh Dan, why O why is there no Photo??? I sure bet you would look far better that I do with straightened hair.. If I could use the damn straighteners that is..
Bet you looked cute really Dan

Mind you I bet it Gave Jaysan and Tam a laugh and I can still hear Bethy saying she wants ago..