Bugger It

Going to be one of those months... For no reason at all, the laptop has given up the ghost. The laptop where we put all our photos and stuff off the camera. Turn it on, get the BIOS, get the brief diagnostics screen, then black screen with "Operating System Not Found".


Try to use the boot-tool disc that came with it, won't even acknowledge there is a disc in there. Time to give Gemma and Pete a shout, as well as hoping someone out there might have an idea. PCs - not a problem, I can build, strip, rebuild without any hassle. Laptops - not a clue. Couldn't even tell you how to open it up.

Hopefully it's something silly, but it's used for a lot - insomnia in the lounge, gaming and browsing when poorly, blogging when lazy, as well as when I go to fix someones machine, everything I need is on there. Pah.

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One Response to “Bugger It”

Stuart Wilson said...

Hi Dan...

I'm sure you would have already tried this, but in the BIOS, can you see if it's picking up all the drives? Does it detect your harddrive?

If it sees the harddrive, could you simply just do an XP repair installation using the XP disk? It might be that the harddrive is buggered.

The harddrive hasn't come loose inside your laptop has it? Thats happened to me before.

You could always download that dodgy Windows Live CD which is easily available on the net (if you look in the right places - Ive got it and it works). That way, if it is the harddrive at fault, you may be able to rescue some files as it boots a limited version of Windows from a CD directly into RAM.

At least that way you may be able to rescue any files that are on the harddrive.

Just an idea or two