Doing The DVD Thing

We've managed to get through a few movies of late, nothing fancy or anything, but still.

For the longest time, we've been trying to get Starship Troopers on DVD. We own the video, but since we seem to spawn children with aversions to such technology that HAVE to destroy the video player - methods including the cheese sandwich, the lego airplane, the wooden blocks, the DVD, the DVD case and the crayons - we don't watch any of our 500+ videos. The movie is a sci-fi, set in the not-so-distant future. Space Travel, humans being attacked by bugs from space, etc etc. Not many "big" names in it - the main character sort of faded away, Denise Richards went on to bigger things, and Dina Meyer pops up here and there.

But anyway - finally we found a copy on and grabbed it, and it's still as great as we remember it. For starters when we saw it at the movies originally, it was rated "12" - only those twelve years old and up could see it. We sat there loving it, but had to wonder how it was appropriate for kids (because if you're 12 you ARE a kid) with people being cut in half, impaled, decapitated, melted and everything else. None the less, still a great film, which has since been re-rated to "18", funny that... And if you're a World of Warcraft player, you can't help but notice the Bugs in Starship Troopers are virtually identical to the Bugs found in Silithus. Observe:


Starship Troopers

OK, so I couldn't find any decent images of EITHER the Silithids nor the Bugs. Sue me.


Minority Report, Tom Cruise. You loved it or you hated it. We loved it, and again, have been trying to get it for ages but again, we found it cheap on the Intarweb. Again with the sci-fi theme (and no Emma, neither of these are a TV Series), set in the near-future, with the pre-crime unit. Seeing murders before they are committed, the science behind it, the moral justifications and such like. Quite a few twists and turns, you have to WATCH it to see it. Colin Farrell is in it as well, but when we saw it the first time around, we didn't realise he was who he is, if that makes sense.

And as seems to be a theme with Tom Cruise these days, the cover of the DVD is emblazoned with his face and his name. At first I thought "maybe it's just this and a couple of others" and started a collection..

And there are more! Granted, not ALL of them are Tom Cruise Fests, and for what it's worth, War of the Worlds has NO ONE on the cover, but still... Ego?

Moving swiftly on... Well, not "swiftly" but still.

Next up we have EuroTrip, which is your typical random American teen comedy type movie with random boobs, random swearing and random comedy. Yes, I laughed a fair bit even though (like the others) I've seen it before. Of course, my biggest peev with this movie was the fact the movie makers have taken the "generic outsider view" of various European countries, and played on them.

Yes, granted, it's a quick way to make a quick laugh, but after a while it gets a weeny bit tiresome. Welcome to England, we're all football hooligans. Welcome to Amsterdam, we're all sex and drug crazed looneys.

Pah, I've never been one for stereotypes, so maybe that's why it irked me. And whenever I see it, I always think of these two internet-made "World According to America". Again, it's the quick laugh derived from stereotypes. Meh.

And all this from just three DVDs. Not bad eh? hehehe There are others we've watched (again) of late... Sinbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas, I Robot, The Pacifier, Last Action Hero. I'm sure there are others, but each one will turn into another long winded post. Don't want a certain person in California to accuse me of pulling a Dan. Again.

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3 Responses to “Doing The DVD Thing”

Anonymous said...

What certain person in California? I think I might know them. They aren't a giant, right?

Dan said...

Actually, I hadn't looked at it that way Brian :) Of course, I don't have many American-Teen reference points hehe

Dan said...

As for the Californian, well, I can't say if they are a giant for sure - I imagine it depends on the viewpoint...