So I had an evening playing World of Warcraft. All fun and games, and while those we play with take it seriously, it's not that serious. Fun with laughs, is probably the best way to describe it. Jo knows a few of them from her LARP games, and I just and piss-take (*gasp*) with a few, and chat to a couple of others.

One of said "others" Kirie - an American Ex-Pat living down in Brighton - has pointed out that at the eeeeend of the page, after the last post but before my sarky footer, is a link for "older posts". Turns out it's busted. Turns out *gasp* it's not me, but a known Blogger Beta error.

So, for those wanting to stalk read further back, there is the "Archive" link in the sidebar in a drop-down menu. I've checked it and it seems to work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so all well and good.

And while checking I notice that Joansy has asked a question in the box there - yes darlin, Labels are a Beta only thing. I've only added to the last week-and-a-bit of posts, but will add to every new post from now. You also get a little drop-down menu that shows all the labels you've used before, so you don't end up with "friend" and "friends" or whatever :)

Anyway, with my concentration now focused away from WoW, I'm back to feeling icky. Jo has had the dose of her meds altered this week, so she's all wiggly at the moment too.

And being ever so smart, I decided this evening to rip up a load of weeds from the back garden that have been bugging me. So I went from feeling rough to feeling rough and hurting like buggery. One day I'll engage brain cell. Maybe. Anyways, to prevent me keeping her ladyship awake (Her Ladyship, Senior, that is) all night by my tossing and turning, I'm on the sofa tonight. My decision.

In other news... Well, that'd be telling (no, Jo isn't preggers!) but I'm keeping schtum for now until it all goes through......... And "She-Who-Already-Knows" - shush ;)

Last but not least - to the two of you that mailed me today and asked for the link to my private blog. Heck no. With a capital Heck No! hehehe

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2 Responses to “Errorness”

Nancy Jensen said...

Private blog? You mean there's actually something you don't post here? ;) I thought you posted EVERYTHING here. hhhmmmm....

Dan said...

hehehe you'd be surprised ;)