Fight Da Power!

"Da Power" being boredom. Still.

Anyways, I've resorted to 24, Season 1. Seen it lots, but have season 2, 3 and 4 still to go (seen half of 2, a few of 3, none of 4), plus have Season 5 heading my way in a few days. I don't watch TV (There are few of us that do in England, it would seem), and could never watch a program like that one episode a week. Ugh.

I've never really been one for TV to be honest, and it was a rare day when I thought "I must see so-and-so". Partly I blame the computers (because I love my pc), but mostly, I blame the channels. How they can broadcast such crap is beyond me, from the Inane Soap, Yawntastic Drama, and for-the-love-of-all-things-sane, what is with the bloody "Reality" TV shows. Makeover programs (If you're ugly, we'll fix you, or your house sucks so we'll fix that), Social Programs like B*g Bro**er (a dozen people that hate one another in a house performing to the country), and the plethora of other crap out there that people schedule their lives around. The times I've been on the phone or messenger or whatever, and they have to drop everything just to see what some prat is going to do next. Bah. I should sell "Grass Growing - LIVE!" or "The Paint Drying Olympics!" to the TV networks, because that's about what all this crap mounts up to!

You want reality, look out your window.

And no, I don't do sports. At all.

So, aside from my random rant, Jo has gone to get Jaysen from school, then nip into town for some food. I escaped that particular torture with pleas of "No, I can't, don't make me, woooooe is me, ooooowie the pain..." and it worked. I suspect she just wanted a break, but still...

And a side note here - I've started reading another friends blog, except this one is hosted over at LiveJournal. Seems so different from Blogger, and - I don't know - less? Considering they do a Free and a Paid account over there, you'd expect it to be smarter, prettier or whatever. But the three blogs I read over there.. I dunno - I suppose I am spoiled by Blogger. I remember waaay back when you either had to pay to join LiveJournal, or had to have someone invite you to a free account. I had an account there (invited) but never used it... And now I love my blogger *mwah*.

Wonder if I can convince LJ users to come over here... Hmmm..... I could try bribery first I suppose ;)

Can you tell I'm bored... Sorry... I'll go back to the corner.

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