A Lay In!

For the first time in a very long time, I woke up at 10am. I can't even remember the last time I slept in so late. Granted, it probably helped that we didn't go to bed nearer one in the morning as we had Amber & Pete over. We pissed around, had a lot of laughs, and are sorting out playing D&D more regularly after people advised me it was something I should do.

You know who you are!

However, the downside? Well, it's 11am and I've only just gotten dressed, so I feel REALLY lazy. Added to this, I feel like I was up all night drinking, and have a pounding headache. Jo has acted on this, and is taking her and the kids out with her mum for a few hours so I can have peace and quiet. Her idea, not mine.

Those of you living around here - the rain at 2-3am was incredible. We have a flat roof upstairs, so the rain was hammering on there, feet above us in bed. Long Riding - as usual - disappeared under water for a while, but it was made more surreal by the fact I was on pain killers.

The cam is on and pointing out to the world once more. For those not seeing it, I am not sure WHY you're not seeing it. I suspect you're missing a plug-in of some kind, but can't figure what - if anyone can, please let me know.

As for the report of a virus being on my page somewhere, I've checked and double-checked the code this morning, and can't see anything malicious. Those of you that are technically-minded, could you have a quick peek if you have 5 minutes? I suspect it is the amount of Javascript running on the page that is causing it, but not sure why it would have started all of a sudden.

Still, with Jo off out, and me pushing this headache to the rear of my head, I am likely to jump on Warcraft today and mosh through a dungeon or something for laughs. I've discovered that if I play WoW, the camera and it have a fit over who-gets-the-most-memory, so the cam will go off when that happens.

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