My Ivory Coast Scammer

So I checked my mail last night and saw that Ahmed replied to me - bless his little scamming socks. As we were being "social" I wasn't allowed to tease the badguys, so left it till this morning. Anyway, he wrote to me:

Dear Dan,
This is to confirm the receipt of your mail, the content sound so unserious but i will plead to you to please treat this transaction with seriouness and if you are not interested, it is not a thing of force .

Regarding to your demands, i can not be able to take care of your expenses rather i urge you to take care of what ever expenses in your side, upon your arrival here, i will refund you back after we must have gain access to the consignment .the reason for this is because i have used the little fund in my position to offset part of the demurrage charges acummulated by the consignment as it has been long i have not been able to pay .

Think about this and get back to me before i will advice you with all the documents that are related to this transaction .
So now we're on first-name terms, and he's given me the "I'm not forcing you" thing, calling my bluff to walk away from an (apparent) wad of money, plus we've had the "here's why I can't pay for you" part as well. Interesting, considering once I've been to him, he's supposed to fly to England with me - if he has no money, how's he going to do that?

So anyway, it would appear he suspects I'm taking the piss, but let's face it, I never give up just like that. So I threw him a bone and decided to have a reversal of tactics on him.

As much as I'd like to, I simply cannot justify spending that much money to fly to a strange country, where I know no one, don't speak the language and have no clue as to the geography of the place. I don't know you from the next person on the street and for all I know you are not Ahmed but someone else. Can you scan your passport and credit cards as proof for me? It's asking a lot, but by the same token, you are asking me to take a lot on faith.

If travelling to you is not an option, what else can we do - the second option you mentioned...

Send me a copy of your passport and credit card. Now I know that this is probably a string of people working on this, and that "Ahmed" doesn't exist, so know he will make an excuse for NOT sending me copies. Which is fair play, because I'd just use them on the other scammer sites as my own passport/credit card for all these "Your bank account is in danger" spams I get.

I'm going to hell anyway, why not rack up some brownie points ;)

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2 Responses to “My Ivory Coast Scammer”

Mark said...

Dan a special place in heaven awaits you, having the nerve to put these fraudsters to the test. This will teach them, you've gone one step further than I did I lost my bottle after the second email. Keep going it's making my day. Rekon you should go down the route of what if I'm followed by secret service as my email is being watched by unkown forces.

Dan said...

hehehe we'll see how it goes. maybe I can get him to come here and hand-deliver the cash ;)