Starting And Finishing The Same Way

So, today started with 0ddness being broken and me fiddling around with settings and buttons and code and everything else, and now I think I've finally gotten it sorted, it's not far off my bed time,

See, despite feeling like absolute pants today, we went out for the day to our friend, Ruths. While I'm not coughing, sneezing and spluttering, I'm aching, my head is pounding, I have a temperature, and I generally feel crappy. We went and had Sunday lunch, were social, did the clearing up, had some laughs - was an all-round good day. The kids were busy little beavers, burning through a jumbo box of chalks on her entire path - bear in mind, her garden is pushing 150ft long...

We got in just after six this evening and I flopped down and found people really disliked the other template for the blog, so set to trying something else. Which was worse. So I tried something else which I didn't like, and have finally settled on what you see here. Well, for now. Amusing thing is, this is the template I used when I originally started blogging waaay back.

I managed to find a hack elsewhere to reduce my Labels section into a dropdown menu, so thanks to the chap over at Hackosphere for his help - I've actually mailed him and asked about doing the same thing for "Blogs I Read" and "Links", as well as making all the dropdowns the same width. This is another coding language that I am not confident playing with - simple edits here and there, but that's it.

So - I started the day fiddling with my... blog, and will finish it the same way at this rate. Or I'll watch a DVD. Either way ;)

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