Thunderbolt and Lightning

Not very frightning.
To me.
To me.

*start guitar work*

Yep, here in The Bas we're currently battening down the hatches. Well, I've closed the back door anyway - all the windows are still open as it's far too humid. Long Riding is pretty much underwater as the drains are all clogged with crap (not literal crap, that is), and there are people running home in the pouring rain.

The dog doesn't seem to realise the sky is falling, and most of the cats seem fine. Cosmo is a bit stressed out, but that might have something to do with his tail meeting my high-speed chair a short time ago.

Jo on the other hand IS stressing. She's not a thunder person bless her, and the lightning makes her jump with every flash. Her younger brother Greg is even worse, and in his wisdom, he moved out to Brunei. Where they have monsoon season. Yeah, smart ;)

Had my mum on the phone as well - she's Stormophobic as well - so killed time by asking about my birthday pressie ideas. That I still have no clue about. So it's ca$h in the card which is fine by me - I can get some books I was looking over the other day.

Stormophobic isn't actually a term (amazingly). Mr Google tells me that the correct terms (yes, plural) are Astraphobia/Astrapophobia or Brontophobia - these are the phobia of thunder AND lightning. Tonitrophobia is a phobia of thunder. Didn't look too hard for a phobia of lightning, but did discover the StormPhobia support group... On the flip side, American "Storms" usually involve tornados and suchlike.

In other evening news... I won another TWO lotteries today, one in France and one in Belgium. I've written to them both to ask for my money. The lottery win from yesterday just need me to fill out a form which includes such info as Bank Account Pin Number, Credit Card Security Code and Passport Number.

Lucky for me I wasn't born yesterday. So I will fill it out, but I'll use lots of fake details. Why? Because it'll piss them off! hehe

And lastly, I am only now managing to publish this at 7am. During the storm last night, Jo's computer went all wobbly and somehow she lost every single saved email she ever had. As far as I can tell the files are still there, but Outlook won't see them, and I THINK they are blank. Of course, I'm stressing more over it than she is...

Bloody computers!

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