I will be mostly whining like an old woman. Slept awkward so aching. Busy day so aching. Tired so aching (and whining, it would seem). I just had some cereal with cold milk and as usual am regretting it with stomach cramps. Curse you milk! Curse you to hell!


To continue with my Badger fetish that I've neglected, it would seem Weebl has posted another Badger theme for us all to love, cherish and enjoy. Click Me! It's worth noting here, that I've not really gone over my Badger stuff (in links at the side there) or Kenya (again, linkie section) since losing Bethy. She *loved* the Badgers, and used to do the dance. I can watch them again now, and see her doing her thing!


While eating my cramp-inducing cereal, it occured to me how much I HATE the current advertising ploy for them. I don't know if you Americanos have this ad over there - I doubt it - but over here, it's insanity-inspiring. Seriously, go see it. But anyway, finally, someone has done what any sane-minded person would do. They remade the ad. So yay! You have to watch the original version first, especially if you've never seen it. THEN the new version.

And no, that kid did not kill himself, contrary to popular belief...

Of course, I just ruined my entire day - I checked the calendar. It's Monday. Monday means Money. Money means... Nooooo! Shopping! And for those that are superstisious - 13 days till my birthday ;) Place your bets: A) I'll get a flesh-eating disease, B) I'll win the lottery, C) All of the above, or D) Something else.

Yes, I realise it should be "Something Else" then "All of the Above" but let's face it - if I get Flesh-Eating Diseases AND a Lottery Win, there's not a whole lot else I can do. Something Else will probably be kidnapped and probed by aliens evil pixies.

Have to watch for them pixies...

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One Response to “Today”

Nancy Jensen said...

I had a good laugh at the commercial and the remake of it. Very funny!