The Week In A Post (Pt2)

So the blogsphere has been fairly quiet this week, with Summer grinding to a halt (then restarting in a blaze of sunshine), the obvious anniversary of September Eleventh and the thoughts and emotions stirred, as well as having fun with Blogger Beta, the discovery of local bloggers and everything else...

  • Jodie discoverd a little known celebrity
  • Christine decided to base a Sim on yours truly
  • Emma decided that contracting germs was fun
  • Minge continues to live it up in Japan (Updates in his comments)
  • Alan From Scotland discovered Hell while in Paradise
  • Alan From Ireland becomes a Switcher and awaits his Mac
  • Joansy confesses to being a Geek trapped in a Womans body
  • Laney attempts to debunk the myth about drunken girls (Failing)
  • Lara debates on the end of the world through a storm-and-a-half
  • China Blue examines a new "womans product" with a critical eye
  • Mark attempts to make up for his lack of posts in one big hit
  • Stuart adds another string to his "Look What I Can Do" bow. The Git
  • Debbie talks boobies
  • Richard continues his adventures in Thailand
  • Gretchen finds a new way to lose weight
  • Tim @ The Special Zipper gets another trade under his belt
  • Nancy shows the fruits of her labours. The Showoff
  • Brian writes a brief guide to understanding his son
  • Moncrief describes his childhood experience meeting an Ashram
All in all, a busy week of blogging!

Elsewhere on the web, things that have been making me smile, frown, cringe or openly laugh...
As you can see, I've been bored all week too!

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6 Responses to “The Week In A Post (Pt2)”

Mark said...

Dan what a star, I've just spent the best part of an hour catching up on peoples blogs that I have not seen in a while.

Kick Boxer well I did the same thing a few years back playing football, it doesn't hurt, well until the shock wears off then you need morphine bloody quick.

good blog my friend ;)

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mark said...

Sorry mate this comment thing is not working right it won't let me delete the duplicate comment. Hey but there again that makes up for the lack of comments from me!! he he

Dan said...

hehehe prolly because you're not Beta yet. Hint-of-Hints ;)

And screw doing that to my leg. I've broken my shin and my thigh in my time, but not quite THAT nicely. Give it time though ;)

And don't worry, *I* will remove the extra comment. Don't want you looking like you've been busy ;)

Nancy Jensen said...

"Nancy shows the fruits of her labours. The Showoff"

Fruits and flowers. Can't forget about the flowers. lol

Laney said...

Watching that made me regret drinking a whole bottle of wine tonight. I now feel a little bit queazy.
When I snapped the ligament in my ankle I felt as high as a kite on my body's endorphins, so getting a break like that must feel realy weird.