Welcome To Ouchtown

Population: Me.

For the first time in a LONG time I am actually considering going to see a doctor. No, not today, it's a Saturday.

For the last few weeks, my right shoulder has been sore. Pulled muscle sore, and then some. At first I thought I had slept "funny", then maybe being used as a human pillow had hurt it, then maybe "too much computer", then I gave up and just suffered with it. In silence.


Jo's tried massaging it ("It feels really knotted") and has tried muscle rub. I've taken my anti-inflammitries, I've left the computer alone for a few days, I've even pushed Jo away at night. Of course, that's led to more sleepless nights so I'm tired AND sore.

And of course, the lack of sleep is making me a weeny bit cranky. And Cranky Dan is cranky, so he sits on his own being quiet. And Cranky Dan suffers from wandering mind syndrome, in that my brain fires off all the things I don't like to dwell on.

So Jo is making me toast. Happy Last-Day-Of-Being-Twenty-Nine.

I know, I like to milk things for all their worth...

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2 Responses to “Welcome To Ouchtown”

Nancy Jensen said...

"the lack of sleep is making me a weeny"

OK.... lol

Hope you feel better and happy "last day of being 20-something".

Dan said...

hehe you whacky americans...

And so far, the "Happy-Last-Day-Of-Being-Twenty-Nine" isn't going so well. I had to make my own coffee. Oh the humanity.