The Midget

Miguel is like the friendliest dog ever. Last night Jo's parents, brother and nan arrived to see him and he was lovely with all of them. Despite lots of ugly comments, they're all transparent as glass and loved him to bits. We got the kids off to bed and settled to a night of Warcraft.

Of course, Miguel and Sally had been going mental all day long, and both were knackered. They started out in Sallys bed together, but then the little man headed in and jumped up on Jo's lap. And there he stayed for almost three hours. I think the only time he moved was when Jo got up for a drink.

Bed time, the dogs had another mad ten minutes, had their dinner, then we all headed upstairs. Being that he's not used to stairs, nor much bigger than an actual stair, Miguel had to be carried up, much to Sallys amusement. Into bed we go, Sally and Miguel on the floor when Jo decided to have them on the bed for cuddles. Sally hefts up and has cuddles before getting bored and jumping down to sleep. Miguel had other ideas. And we spent the night with him curled between us. He snores like Jo.

And yes, he can jump onto a super-continental bed, but not up a stair. Go figure.

Of course, last night was a nightmare. I have no idea why, but at 1am, Jo decided to start throwing up. All night she was up and down, and it's not just her getting out of bed waking me up, but the sound of retching and vomiting in the loo. She had virtually no sleep, and I think I managed a couple of hours. Joyous.

No idea what bought it on - we did dinner for Ruth and the girls last night as well as us lot, and everyone else is fine, so it's not her cooking. I told her not to eat out the rubbish bin....

Anyways, this morning was fun - Tired Dan + Ignorant Kids + Scatty Dogs does not make Dan a happy chap. I still feel kinda rough, but with the Vomit Queen going for it, I am sure I can soldier on..... ;)

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2 Responses to “The Midget”

Em's way said...

Typical Griffon, moves in and takes over !! Can see he really missed us !!

Laney said...

I hope Jo feels better. It must be a tummy bug, you'll all have it by Thursday!