South Park Meets World of Warcraft

"Gasp!" I hear you readers cry, "Dan posting about Warcraft!"

Well, yes, but this time it's something you can all enjoy. When I say "All" I mean "Those who appreciate both WoW and South Park". Comedy Central showed this a few nights back, and it's on the web already. I meant to post it in the previous post, but meh.

Now, I should add, this is South Park. It's NOT Safe For Work. It's got the usual crude humour and swearing, plus they add it to Warcraft. If you've never played or even see Warcraft, they game footage is pretty much as-is, apart from the additional animation of the game characters.

So, assuming you're old enough to watch this, don't mind swearing, violence, gross-out stuff, and all the rest of it, then Watch The Episode. If you watch it and then decide it's gross or whatever, don't blame me. You don't HAVE to click the link!

And remember - it's not safe for work nor kids, nor is it to be considered "This is what WoW is like!"

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