The Week In A Post (Pt6)

Hmmm, kinda forgot to do this before lunch, and then the afternoon kinda ran away with me, especially trudging into town to shop, find that 90% of Basildon had the same idea, grabbed two items and left it at that.

So, this week - the week I vanished then reappeared with a barrage of (crappy) posts. A week where the weather just could not decide what it wanted to do (it's resorted to warm and sunny again), a week without TV (not that I'd notice!), a week of DVDs and superstisious dates. All fun then!

Alan from Scotland is still alive and kicking, and has managed to keep his job after a very hairy disciplinary hearing, so congrats to him. Cass has left for her native America, and will be there for three weeks, followed by a week in Sweden. Others have had similar blog-fogs and not updated in a while, or their only post has been to say they've not been posting. Blame the changes in weather - works for me ;)

  • Jo made me watch a movie that - we soon discovered - sucked bottom.
  • Christine managed to get away from suburban life and had a break in Yosemite.
  • Emma detailed the pitfalls of being a heart-parent when it comes to swimming.
  • Minge has headed south to Bournemouth to see his mother, but gotten sick in the process.
  • Joansy has a rant about "Columbus Day" over in the States.
  • Laney sees a Lunar Rainbow, and discusses her and her partners business venture.
  • Lara posts a touching tale about her and her baby bonding spiritually (and it's a sad one).
  • China Blue has a busy busy week and tries to keep up with everything and everyone.
  • Mark deals with more idiots in cars, email backlogs, projects and friends.
  • Stuart manages to get away on another break, heading out to Jersey.
  • Other Emma introduces the dentists ultimate friend...
  • Debbie is rightly proud of her son for passing his yachting certification.
  • Gretchen survives her first night as a Girl Scout Leader!
  • Tim has a serious wardrobe malfunction, but refuses to share with the world...
  • Nancy shows the world Jessicas letter to Santa.
  • Jenny gives photographic help for those wanting to toast their cats.
  • India links to a post with "therapy" for disabled people...
  • Alan in Ireland dangles a thread of hope that he might still be blogging - even if it is broken ;)
Other than that, there isn't much else to report... Less links to blogs this week as I say - guess people have better things to do than post in their blogs (such blasphemy!)

I've not been in a browsing mood of late, my usual mail of amusing links that I share hasn't arrived, so I'll just kick back and drink some more beer, while plotting the demise of Bagpuss...

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