And He's Off The Hook!

It may come as a surprise to you, Mr or Mrs Reader, that I am not a shopper. My genes have me pegged as a geek, a love of all things tech, a roleplayer and maybe even a damn fine looking man, but they do not have me down as a shopper. It's mostly a female trait. So, when Jo said to me yesterday "I'm going to sort most of the Christmas Shopping", the chivalrous part of me was stomped to death by the anti-shopper in me. When she said "I'll take the kids too!" the chivalrous part of me twitched, but the size 14's of the arsehole in me put a swift stop to that.

So last night Jo took two kids and a taxi, into town. The Taxi didn't want to go shopping, but none the less... And she returned a few hours later, laden down like Santa himself, with bags bulging gifts of various size. I dutifully helped her into the house with them, and stood by with a smile on my face as she explained "And this is for nan, this is for mum, this is for someone else, this is blah-blah." But inside my sad sad little mind I was thinking "Yahoo, most of the shopping is done, whoohoo yay cheer!"

Which means no fighting through the crowds of grannies stocking up for the long winter, no hordes of wrinkled wonders to run over my toes with walking frames, shopping trollies or motorised wheelchairs, and most importantly, not standing in the line headed by the old dear paying for her stacks of shopping One. Coin. At. A. Time.

Of course, I don't for a second think I am going to get off scot-free. Oh No. We've still got to get the pressies for the kids, not to mention Jaysen decided to put his earthly appearance in on the 11th of December - two weeks before Xmas. So he gets nothing for a year, then within two weeks gets piles of gifts. Cheeky little bugger.

And of course, I still need to get Jo something. Of course, she's the perfect person to buy for as she's a geek as well - a lesser geek, but none the less. Her ideas list almost hit girlie... Earrings, necklace, smellies, lingere (which, let's face it, I am sure I can cope with!) - but then her list took a dive towards Geekdom. Keyboard, Mouse, Graphics card... Bless. If Freud were still alive, he'd look at my computer setup, look at her computer setup, and stamp her patient form with "Tech-Envy".

Of course, the upside to geeky-gifts for her - I can order online and not leave the house ;)

The status of my Chivalrous side remains unknown at this time. If you're a female and walking behind me and a door slams in your face, don't be surprised!

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