Bane Of My Life

If there is one thing in life I cannot stand, it's door-to-door salesmen/women, no matter what they are selling. It's a fairly small window of things that are offered door-to-door. It might be religion, it might be "various items" which also term as "junk", loans, credit cards, insurance, double-glazing... But there is a breed of person that knock on my door ALL the time, and they are truly the bane of my life.

The Power Suppliers.

Not a week goes by when someone knocks on my door, makes small talk, flashes some I.D, and then goes on to tell me about their company being the cheapest, with the best customer service, with the smallest price increases - blah blah blah. Of course, that's how it SHOULD go. Quite often we get people just hand us a document and say "We're making sure you're getting the best deal, sign this" or "We're sending out our newest pricing scheme, this will ensure you get a copy, sign this" and away they go. Not being born yesterday, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that the bit of paper you're signing is entitled "Service Agreement" and off they trot, happy as larry knowing they've just suckered in someone else.

Well, till I call their customer service, tell them the sales rep was a lying butt-head and that I don't want to switch.

I wonder how many old dears and grannies are caught out on this ploy on a regular basis - someone official-looking, telling them horror stories about energy prices - bear in mind the afore-mentioned old dears often don't have two pennies to rub together - so they sign to make sure they're safe, and a few weeks later they get a welcome letter from one company, and a final bill from another. Suddenly, they have two bills to pay.

Today has been no different, and we've had not one, but TWO companies knock, trying to sell us their wares. The lights are on, the heat is running, so clearly, I've already got gas and electric. Same goes for double glazing sales men. The look at our already double-glazed house and knock on our double glazed front door and offer us a deal on.... Double Glazing.

"Hey, I've got a roof on my house - how about you take it off and put it back on for shits and giggles?"
Door to Door salespersons are almost as annoying as that "You're Pre-Approved! Sign here and get a credit card!" crap I get, knowing full well I am NOT approved, and if I fill out the reams of paperwork, they'll say "Hell No - you don't work!"

So remember, next time you get someone peddling crap of any kind on your doorstep, a well-aimed blast from the hose will send them packing.

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