The Best Laid Plans...

In a break from the norm.. Wait, who am I kidding ;) Jaysen screwed around getting ready for school as per usual this morning. Didn't want that for breakfast, didn't want that shirt, didn't want that pair of socks, not to mentioned those shoes were uncomfortable. And on and on.

After the school run - and because the girls were still in bed here - I went back with Ruth for a coffee, where my arm was twisted into a sausage sandwich. It's hard to say no when the food is already cooking, so out of pure guilt, I ate my breakfast. Jo came over and had a cup of tea, and then me, Jo and Tam headed into town at a slow saunter. We had to grab "a few things".

So we did a lap of town and ended up in the supermarket where we grabbed various items with a "meh" attitude. For some reason, the store has been stripped bare, probably by hording oldies that start packing everything they can into cupboards ready for the winter. Doesn't matter that the shops are only closed for two whole days, no no, they need to "stock up".

So, between lugging shopping, dragging Tam (who was having a whale of a time on her reins with me swinging her around) and fighting the old biddies, we got out and went to see a friend that runs the ice-cream stall in Eastgate. There, we met with Gemma and Amy, had a gossip, and entertained the crowds by throwing Tam across the marble floor. She slides for a good fifteen feet with a good shove...

I know, father of the year here I come!

We then trudged home at Tam-Speed as we'd loaded up the buggy with shopping, and now, here we sit, cheese bagels to hand, tea brewing, feet thumping.

All because we needed "a few bits".

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