Bethy's Magazine Article

Those of you that either know me, or know of what we've been through, will know that last October, a national magazine (Best Magazine) ran an article about Bethy in the form of an open letter, written by Jo. After Minge mentioned it in his blog last month, a few people have mentioned they'd like to see it, and I've been scouring my friend lists, trying to find someone to scan and email me a copy.

This morning, I checked my mail to find my friend Mel (who had the arduous task of keeping the world updated while we were in hospital) had scanned and mailed me a copy. Thanks Mel, once again, you're a star.

I WAS going to host it on my usual webspace, then realised it will probably get hammered and cause all kinds of problems. So I opted for an online Image Host. The image might take a while to load if you're on Dial Up, and it's a large-sized file - so while reading, you will have to move around the screen to see it.

So, if you want a read (and probably a cry), go read about my little angel here.

The details in there aren't quite right, but they wanted Jo to keep it a bit shorter than we had written. Her brain didn't swell after the operation, it was various things that caused that later on. She woke up a few days after her op, and when she was back on the ward, she was up and about, watching TV and generally doing her own thing. It was the last ten days that caused the problems. But otherwise, you get the idea.

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One Response to “Bethy's Magazine Article”

The Special Zipper said...

I'm sorry guys ... I'm lost for words. Thank you for sharing a bit more about Bethy.