*ahem* yes, it was a while back, but I've only NOW gotten around to editing and posting photos. And unlike The Wench, I've not posted any photo of me looking crap.

And the reason there are more of Tam and only one of Jaysen - he hates cameras. Kinda like me really! The Faceless Mad Axeman is Jaysen, the very pretty Witch is Tam, and the very very tattoo'd arm in there is Jo's older brother, Grant.

I look at these pictures of Tam and can't believe how pretty she is. How she is part me I will never know. Of course, Bethany made a very pretty (if rather shocked!) witch as well, as well as a beautiful angel.

The Angel is 2003, the Witch is 2004.

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One Response to “Halloween”

Nancy Jensen said...

Awesome halloween pictures! That's a good one of Jaysen in his costume, he looked like he was trying to hide in the picture on Jo's blog. You are right about Tamsyn being pretty - she is so photogenic! (Are you sure she really is yours? :-P j/k of course) I remember the picture of Bethy as an angel but don't know if I have ever seen the picture of her as a witch. Thanks for sharing them.