We interrupt this blog posting spree with this update.

I'm going back on The Meds. Granted, The Meds screw my body in about sixteen million ways, BUT, they stop the hurty, and after a time, stop the whiny. As mentioned before, however, they're beyond interesting.

So, dear readers, there are things you should watch for. The first, is a complete vanishing act from yours truly. I might be fine, but I might sleep for 24-hours a day. Alternatively, I might be ill, hallucinating or otherwise enjoying the Wonderous World of Side Effects. Of course, I might well be here constantly, but making exactly zero sense. Which is only 2-points less than usual, but still, comedy central.

No doubt I will try keep ya'll posted and updated on what's happening, just for laughs.

Edit: OK, to make this slightly more interesting, I'm going to blog (elsewhere) about how the meds effect me, so it could get interesting over there. It also keeps this blog free of drugged-out-ramblings. While it's pretty sparse at the moment, my other blog is at It's plain, wont have anything fancy on it, it's just me, rambling on my journey. As usual ;)

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One Response to “Interruption”

joansy said...

I hope the transition is quick and pain free. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best.