Now With Sound!

So, here's a nifty feature on 0ddness. I've got a webcam - when I remember to turn the blighter on. But you'll notice that - assuming it's on - you may be able to hear the goings on here in Chez Dan. Most likely, it'll be whatever music is playing, but you might also catch me talking on the phone.

And if you want to know what song I am listening to, then use MSN Messenger - my "Message" is whatever track is playing - but remember the 20 second delay between here and on the camera.

If there's no sound, don't worry - it just means I've turned it off, but don't be surprised if there is something crappy playing ;)

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One Response to “Now With Sound!”

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan..
I've tried to read Bethy's magazine article a couple times ... and it won't let me.. I've tried on two different computers?

Can you email me another link??
Terri ~