I'm impressed by pretty clouds, so my last post before I vanish inexplicably once more, is nothing more than a photo.

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4 Responses to “Purdy”

Minge said...

Why vanish? Where are you going?

Anonymous said...

He only means "Vanish" as in not post for a while again.

I think the sudden change of weather (ie- it actually becoming cold) has affected his mood somewhat, as he's having a hard time again at the moment.

Will have to make lots of my home made soup, that always cheers him up :D

Mark said...

Aha you got the camera bug!! great pic matey, now keep it up get out the house and hit the country it's great. It only took me about five years to move from my desk!! Hope the weather is as good with you as it has down here. Oh I hate the dark wet days too.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pic - I love clouds too. I had a fab wallchart from the Grauniad and it was chucked out - I threw such a hissyfit :(