I managed to escape the house for a few hours last night. Tam has been shipped off to stay with Jo's mum till tomorrow, Jaysen was put to bed early, and Jo went to bed with pain killers and a DVD, so I went to a friends and managed to chill out some.

Granted, the Friday Night TV she and her daughter were watching was dire, but then I find that's true of most TV - which is why I don't watch it. Ever. It was nice to have a break, not look at something and think "Dammit, I need to clear that up/wash that/tidy that" or whatever. A change of scenery for a few hours.

I got in just after 11pm, checked my mail, checked some blogs, went to bed, and woke up just before 9am. The sun is out (though for how long, I have NO idea!), Jaysen is laying on the sofa, and Jo is still snoring. I'm stress free and ready for another day. Well, until someone phones with a problem, or someone wants me to do something, or the house collapses under the weight of dust.

I didn't get to sleep till late - while I got in relatively early (I've been known to stay out till 3 or 4am some nights!) I sat at my computer watching - of all things - 9/11 conspiracy stuff. I'm not sure why though, but it held me in my chair till I realised "Hmmm, 1.15am - better get some sleep!". I can't decide if they are A) Talking a load of rubbish, B) Right on the money, or C) Just using the existing evidence but using it their own way. Still, very interesting stuff.

Anyways, time to potter around the kitchen and clear up a bit. No doubt I shall return.

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