Very Odd...

At some point, er, recently, we watched a rather odd movie called The Machinist with Christian Bale (of Batman Begins and Reign of Fire fame). Now, there are a few movies out there that you watch and thing "Huh?" not because of bad writing, nor bad acting, nor generally just being pants. No, some movies confuse the buggery out of you.

Of course, I watched this while rather doped up too. But none the less.

Christian Bale looks hideous in it - he dropped shedloads of weight to play the insomniac that hadn't slept for a year. Honestly, he looked like something out of a concentration camp. It all starts off well and good, then something happens and you think "Eh?" and it kinda goes from there. However, unlike some movies, it does explain most of what is happening. I'm still lost on one part, but I'm sure that's a "Put In To Make You Wonder" part.

Well worth a watch though.

Also on the DVD front, I'm currently going through Season Two of 24. I own seasons 1 through 4, and have watched one, two and half of three. However, I only tend to watch things like this when Jo is with me. She always claimed to not be interested, but when I watched the first season she was stopping what she was doing and questioning. Then she sat and watched. Season two she started to watch but lost interest, though she couldn't explain why. I ended up watching it while she was away one weekend and loved it, and started on season three but never got through it.

So, over the last couple of weeks, her parents have been raving about Season five - which she saw the trailer to and said "Wow, that looks great!". Then the trailer for season six caught her as well. So, she decided to give it another go, and day before yesterday, we started watching season two.

Seriously, the woman is hooked. Last night we went to bed at the grand time of 8pm, but took the DVDs with us. We did three and a half episodes and finished the disc. Then she decided on "just one more". Which she did twice, and we turned off the TV at 12.15am.

Of course, she's been nice enough to take Jaysen to school and gone into town as I'm not doing mornings too well yet - taking me forever to wake up, but still... She's actually braving town as I write this, but then, shopping crowds IS the natural habitat of the Female.

Rather her than me ;)

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