As much as I hate to bitch and moan about the weather (as you may recall from the summer!) the weather over the last few days has left me completely bemused and confused. Several weeks ago, the "smart-arses" over at Sky News announced that this winter would be one of the worse ever, with Arctic conditions, snowstorms, ice storms, blizzards - all making life hazardous for the average Brit.

Of course, the days and weeks went by, and the winter, well, it didn't do anything, and the story was removed from the Sky News webpage. We've had a few nippy mornings, a few wet nights, but for the start of December, it's WARM if anything. So, three days ago, the "smart-arses" over at Sky decided to announce that we're having one of the warmest Decembers ever, not to mention, night-before-last was the hottest December night ever on record.

The news on the TV has been similar, with reports of a multitude of plants still in bloom, trees still with leaves, and other oddities. Even our Butterfly Bush at the front of the house is in FULL bloom despite a few nippy nights.

So, the last few days. England seems to have had a few Tornados strike, including one in north London this afternoon. This morning, the sun was out, the weather was sunny - blowy, but sunny. Half eleven, the sky darkened, and we had a roaring thunderstorm, complete with fricking great lumps of hail - followed by more brilliant sunshine. Then, school run this afternoon, the skies opened, the winds picked up and I had forgotten to tie my hair back. I got soaked and knotted - it's so long now, the wind just ties knots in it - so it took me half an hour to brush it out again.

So, what's in store for the winter now? We've had arctic and mild warnings, the weather today is like an autumn storm, but now they are repeating the arctic winter warnings.

Welcome to England, I suppose!

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