So, to all the lurkers that said Hi, Hullo, Howdy and, er, something else vaguely "H" Like, Hi to you too! I received 20 comments on the actual Lurker post down there, and about a dozen mails from people that didn't want to comment, didn't know how to, or would rather just email. To all of you, thanks, and feel free to stick around!

I didn't get any questions except two, which were "Why don't you put some advertising or a paypal account on there - you could make money doing this, get a new laptop" and "Why don't you write for a living as I think people would buy your books if they were published?".

For the first, this is a hobby. I hate adverts, banners, popups and everything else out there, and to make money off people that come here and read my ramblings just seems... I don't know... Wrong, I guess is the first word that pops into my head. The fact people take time out their day to see what I have to say is gratitude enough for me, but to have them pay me? Doesn't seem right. Same goes for people asking for Link Exchanges. The links on my page are places I go a lot, blogs I read daily, sites I visit for chuckles. I'm not going to link to a site or a blog that I'm not personally interested in. As much as I'd like to buy that extra-sparkly laptop, I'm not going to force you lot to deal with banners and pop-ups because I want something.

As for the second question, hehe you have NO idea how often people suggest "You should write" or "Why don't you do a book?". So why don't I? Well, truth be told, the thought scares the bejeezers out of me for one thing, sitting, writing, in order to make a living, earn some money. Knowing that what I am writing would mean the difference between us eating or not. The second thing - what would I write about? People say I should write about our time with Bethy, but that book wouldn't have a happy ending, and I'm not sure I'd be able to write such a book. I often potter around with various types of writing - short stories, mostly - but they either end up on a dusty shelf or tucked away on the hard drive somewhere.

I've always enjoyed writing - obviously, from the crap I churn out - from D&D Games to rambling to some sort of ickle story that blossoms when I go to town, but then, I used to enjoy tinkering with computers - when it became a part of my job, it got less fun. Articles, Reviews, Magazine Columns, I don't think I have what it takes to be honest, and I am just too self-critical.

But anyway, to all you lurkery-sorts out there, I hope that answered the couple of questions I received. Now you've said Hi, feel free to comment on posts or on the Cbox to the side more often :D

All in all, Hug a Lurker week worked very well!

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One Response to “Lurkers!”

claudemarie said...

I totally agree with your veiws on the ad's and such...and here I am saying HI! heheh I guess I am a lurker too :p