So Where's Dan Been?

As you might have noticed, I've been lost in the woods for a few days. To be honest, I'm not entirely certain where my time has gone. Saturday we had a chill-out day, lounging around in PJs and Dressing Gowns. Sunday afternoon we went to Jo's parents for dinner, and didn't get back till late. That was a "fun" day. *cough*

Monday was the little mans birthday, plus pay day, so we *cry* hit town first thing and spent a few HOURS shopping. That was an experience, which I won't detail here, but suffice to say, my People post was very aptly timed. Monday afternoon, once Jaysen was home from school, we had every man and his doggy come to visit, with gifts, cards, money - and to eat the table of party food we'd prepared. Not to mention the worlds coolest birthday cake, which I shall upload photos of today.

Yesterday was busy, in and out the house, going to the shops, going to the school Xmas concert, going back to Ruths, going back to school, going back to Ruths, going home, going to town, having a KFC (as it was what Jaysen wanted for his birthday meal!), coming home, catching up on housework... And on and on. Then while chilling out, our friend Megan turned up with Jaysens present and card, then she and Jo promptly set to restyling my hair. Bunches, Pigtails, Plaits, a Topknot... Apparently my hair is very therapeutic. Glad I have some uses ;)

Needless to say, at bedtime last night, I was exhausted and in agony, so popped my pills and flaked out in the worlds most uncomfortable position, had a crappy night, and nearly overslept. And now I am hurting like hell and knackered.

And it's only Wednesday...

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