Spoke Too Soon

After taking the photos yesterday and gloating about how nice our weather is, the sky darkened, the clouds opened, and it set about raining with real intent to make up for lost time. Which, of course, meant I got wet on the afternoon school run. Figures.

Yesterday I spent between flicking around games, chatting on MSN, and going out for dinner - during which time I was entertained (and entertaining) via text. I'd be lost without my phone! Once home, it was back on MSN till late, when I finally hit the sack - and couldn't sleep. Surprise surprise eh ;)

Lucky for me, Ruth and Paul took Jaysen to school, so that made life easier - I had a wash, did my teeth, threw on my clothes, and have kinda... sat. I spent ages yesterday trying to find that bloody cable to extend the Camera, but cannot figure where I put it. I had a sneaking suspicion I leant it out to someone that needed it - but now have no idea who, when or where.

So, I'm contemplating shifting my computer and desk around a bit today, seeing where and how I can move it and suchlike. Not looking forward to such fun, but it gives me something to do. I'm actually still aching since the weekend, so we'll see how it goes. Jo is going to her parents today - maybe with or without Tam, which will be a big decider. She's going to look at, and maybe get, a new tattoo - but we shall see.

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2 Responses to “Spoke Too Soon”

Nancy Jensen said...

You know that if you learned how to drive and had your own car it wouldn't matter if it was raining of not. You could stay dry taking Jaysen to school.

The Special Zipper said...

Speaking of the phone, forgot to say we found the cordless phone that was missing.

It turned up in the spare wheel of the Subaru .. yes you heard right. How???? Tarnya was vacuuming the car with Connor asleep inside, used the phone in intercom mode and obviously lifting the panel in the back bumped the phone in.

... and we were getting close to buying another phone or unit as we have got so used to having the 3 cordless phones spaced around the house ..