Yahoo And Yahoo Messenger

Due to popular demand... Well, demand from two people, I've now downloaded and installed Yahoo Messenger for those poor sad people using Macs that can't get webcams to work on MSN. Bless your little cotton socks, both of you.

Actually, three of my regulars are Mac users. I know, my StatCounter tells me ;)

Anyway, the name thingie - as you should see on the right there, is amazingly and interestingly called "Oddness_Blog" All letters, no zeroes, with an underscore in between. If you don't know what an underscore is, then you probably won't understand a word I say anyways ;)

So, if you use this contraption that is YahooMessenger, chuck me a thingie. Invite. Whatever. I might even talk to you.

Maybe ;)

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2 Responses to “Yahoo And Yahoo Messenger”

Mark said...


Dan said...

I know, I don't use it much either, but peer pressure is a terrible thing. Especially when someone tries emotional blackmail. Damn them.