All Done

Well, after pottering away for most of the day, I think the template is sorted. I prefer it a little more than the previous one, but I don't know if I actually LOVE it more. I am sick to the teeth of all the generic blogger ones to chose from, and people are very slowly making more for the new features of Not-Beta. I COULD go back to the original version, but I really do prefer the fancy features.

I was looking around on WordPress yesterday, another bloggers site that I hear a lot of good things about. I've set up a test blog over there - nothing on it mind you - just to see what the settings are like. I'm really tempted to host my own site - or have my own site hosted elsewhere - with my own actual URL - or maybe. Of course, looking at hosting, domain registration and everything else, I lost the plot, confused myself (again) and gave up! hehe

It'd mean either using the Blogger stuff and hosting it myself, or the WordPress stuff and hosting that myself, so I'd need space for images, files, everything else, but it's all a bit new to me as I've never done it nor looked into it all. I'd like to host my webcam on my own space if that was possible too, as while Camstreams is pretty good, the loss of quality is pretty interesting.

Enough with the geeky stuff.

Those of you that have visited in the last couple of hours might have noticed that not only is the webcam on, but I also forgot to turn off the mic - I realised earlier when I sneezed and then heard it again 20 seconds later. oops. If you caught me bitching about someone, or swearing at the template, sorry :) I may or may not leave the sound on for later, as otherwise you'd be stuck with actual moaning as opposed to just reading it here!

Jo is out and about with Tam today - she popped up to Bethys garden earlier to remove her Xmas decorations, and me and the Boy have just been chilling out here. Well, he's been chilling out - I've been hacking at code. Jo has since gone off to wander around Lakeside with her mum, so she's probably quite happy with her retail therapy.

I've also managed to get Skype installed, with the username - imaginatelvly - Those are Oh's not zeros. You can also find me with my Gmail address which IS zero, not Oh. Or something.

Other than that, I'm rather glad I decided to stay in - the weather is crap, grey, windy and pissing down with rain. Welcome to England, Welcome to the Weekend!

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3 Responses to “All Done”

Minge said...

You have been a busy boy. And you're quite clever. I feel a proper spastic in comparison.

Dan said...

Thank you, but if I were clever, I could have solved the problems without giving up and stabbing the old template in the retina ;)

Nancy Jensen said...

Don't tell me that you are going to wordpress after making me to go to beta. If you make me go to wordpress you know you will have to fix my blog over there too. :-P