Looong Week!

Has this week just draaaaged or is it me? I can't believe that Saturday has only JUST arrived. Of course, despite having a long, busy week, my stupid body clock is on the fritz again and I was up at 6.30am. I had a crappy night as well, being that someone has given me a sore throat, so I've been coughing and trying to clear my throat all fricking night. Added to this Miguel was wandering around on the bed all night which didn't help, and Jo couldn't get comfortable which didn't help. and I couldn't get comfortable...


All in all, it's been a pretty hectic one, with kids running around alternating between Saints and Devils, Jo being ill then tattoo'd, housework, phone calls, texts, idiots on the web, getting tagged, getting glasses, shopping, socialising... WHY am I up so early again?

On top of all this, there are several new blogs I've started reading and spamming commenting on. I've added them all to the sidebar there, and aside from Jo at the top, they're all in some sort of alphabetical order. Kinda. You've got the return of Alan from Scotland with his third blog in the last 12 months. Karin has also returned with her Dried Papercuts & Chicken blog. There's Deni from Canada that doesn't blog often, but also misses the afore-mentioned Alan. There's The Girl In Her Underwear who, it turns out, is dealing with a child newly diagnosed with CHD. You've got Grayma's Place, who is new to blogging and still learning the ropes. You've also got The Reluctant Dad, a man that is new to the whole Fatherhood thing, and lastly, there's Sween in the Bean, who like most of us, posts whatever springs to mind.

This week, the news has been filled with, er... Well, I don't know actually. Mostly politics I suppose. Plus certain world leaders throwing more troops into various war zones. Idiots. And speaking of idiots, David and Ugly Beckham are finally pissing off to America. He wants to change football. Yeah, sure, the £128million had nothing to do with it. Ah well, they can have him. And on top of this, England is once again gripped by the weather - wind and rain this time. My closest call was getting wet on a school run. hehe

My blogging week has been filled with tags (as usual - and you should do them too), crazies on the street, realising I am living by a clock, recreating my family, a la South Park, posting from my mobile phone, harassing spammers, and as usual, pissing around with my template - which ended up back exactly the way it started. From the polls, it seems everyone is happy with how things look, so I will cease my fiddling. Everything is almost working fully, but it seems we have a random popup on here which is out of my control, thanks to the Cbox. I am hunting around for a better free one, but so far - no luck. We also have two votes on "Something Is Missing" so if people could elaborate on that, I'll see what I can do.

And Minge, I will post on my "Irrational Thoughts" later on for you old boy :)

Being that I've not done this since Mid-December, there might be a fair bit on here. I'm sure you can deal with it ;) There's always the "Don't click the links!" part to save time! And as usual, anything that might be bad/dodgy/rude or whatever will be marked in Red. Don't say I didn't warn you! At least, I assume that's red. Whatever.

  • Jo once again goes to the hairdresser, and once again gets a restyle.
  • Alan from Scotland is once again back in UAE, but with a different company and loving it.
  • Minge celebrates his blogs First Birthday with a look back at his year as a Blogger.
  • Gretchen has joined a "Future MILF's" weight loss group - and if you don't know what it means, then search google carefully!
  • Stuart finally hits the Big 3-0, and celebrates with his town being flooded.
  • Cass (who has a private blog) has left England and returned home to America.
  • China Blue debates on the need for a New Years Resolution or not.
  • Debbie gives us photos of the three men in her life. Oo-er ;)
  • Deni From Canada deals with the feeling of incoming depression - but is pointed in the right direction to Alan :)
  • Dried Papercuts is into reading, and lists out the books she wants to cover this year.
  • Emma deals with a government school inspection by, er, Dancing...
  • Other Emma proves she's old and wrinkly by becoming a grandparent. And blew up her pooter.
  • The Girl In Her Underwear (Jenny) writes an expansive post on... Boogers.
  • The Girl With A One Track Mind blog hits it's third birthday, which she rounds up with a look back to her being outed by the press. (Adult Blog!)
  • Grayma learns how to use Blogger and edit her posts. But fails.
  • India Knight details her daughters first day at Nursery, and the parental stress involved.
  • Lara hasn't updated for a while, and after asking around, she's OK and busy with work!
  • Alan From Ireland has a bit of a Rant about New Years Eve, complete with some humbugs.
  • Nancy goes into detail about her daughter and sex education.
  • Joansy cracks me up with a story on how her hubby dealt with a sick child on a school run.
  • Mark in Wales rants about Rich Beggars and a busier-than-usual week.
  • Moncrief photoblogs his trip to San Fransisco at the end of last year.
  • Money For Old Rope resurfaces after a busy end-of-year.
  • Laney celebrates with alcohol once again, and gets drunk once again. With interesting hair.
  • Nee Naw tells the tale of a couple of very cheeky emergency callers.
  • Reynolds works with a trainee on what could be a big job for an ambulance crew.
  • Christine seems to be extra busy and up extra late. Which is becoming more regular of late!
  • The Reluctant Dad learns the valuable lesson of "Why Babies Cry"
  • Jenny has fun trying to sort her medical bills and enjoys automated phone services.
  • Tim the Convict makes himself sound like a real catch with his drivers license.
  • Brian is having his house pulled apart and rewired. Brave man. Also includes Child Entertainment Tip!
  • Becky finally manages to post an update on her blog - and *gasp* disagrees with a doctor!
  • Sween loses faith in the ancient wisdom contained within the almighty fortune cookie...
  • Matthew and his family have a day at grandmas where he discovers grass for the first time!
Lots and Lots of bloggers! And to think I check all these several times a day. And people wonder why I post such inane crap on MY blog, or why I do stupid things to keep my poor wee self entertained! hehe

As for elsewhere on the web, well, there's a fair bit that I've been bookmarking, checking, watching and generally paying attention to. So, for something to kill a few minutes, have a wander!
  • Book Art - people making detailed, delicate art simply by cutting into books. (Photo Gallery)
  • Trap Shooting - Except, it wouldn't be interesting if it were clay pigeons. So let's use computers instead. (Video)
  • Dis or Dat - a quiz game that is updated daily with a different theme, and rather amusing too. (Flash Game occasionally with Adult Undertones)
  • Mano et Mano - Some kind of extreme boxing with two guys beating the living snot out of one another (Video: Extreme Boxing! With Blood!)
  • Run Mr Robot - The Honda Asimo has been updated, and can now run - but looks like he's crapped himself. (Video)
  • Plant Overlords - Scary what a little fungus can do to a bug. (Video - graphic if you love teeny insects)
  • Transformers Movie - A massive collection of all the leaked images from the upcoming movie for you geeks. (Photo Gallery)
  • Deflector - Amusing little game - you can't shoot, but have to make force fields to bounce enemy bullets back. (Flash Game)
  • Build A Castle - Ever wanted to have your own fortified cardboard home? Well now you can!
  • Bee Attack - When faced with a bee swarm, how do you deal with it? (Photo Gallery: Again, graphic if you love bugs)
  • Armoured Critters - If your pet cat or mouse is fighting a battle, best get them a suit of armour... (Photo Gallery)
  • Pulp Fiction (Edit!) - The entire movie showing nothing by the F-words used. (Video - Contains the F-word about 280 times!)
  • Interesting Cocktail - Everyone loves Cheese & Pineapple on a cocktail stick, right? (Photo Gallery/Article)
  • Get A Necromancer - Print out for making your very own Necromancer model to sit and, er, glare. (Article/DIY)
  • Duck Whistle - Ever wanted to put a duck whistle thingie on a car exhaust? (Video)
  • Horror Movie - Wow, a new breed of evil tries to take over the world. I imagine this is somewhat Tongue in Cheek, BUT is a real, honest-to-goodness movie due out - proof! (Video: Graphic Violence, Blood, Monsters!)
So there you have it, the first round up of the new year. If you clicked every link, have a gold star*.

*Star not included.

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10 Responses to “Looong Week!”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I love what you did here Dan the Man ... it's great!! I love going and peeking at the blogs you have listed .... you have some PRETTY INTERESTING PEEPS on here.

Re: David Beckham... OH RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT he's doing it "for the kids"!! Pick up the phone ... I neet to CALL BULL*&%(!!!

I e~met Girl in Her Underwear last night ... (such a funny title) very sweet girl ...
always feel for the families that have kiddos w/ CHD. At least we all have each other... it helps us cope!!!!!

Laney said...

Dan, you are going to get me a reputation as an alchy! :)

*looks around*

Where's my pint of Vodka?

Minge said...

I can't believe you did a search on YOuTube with the term "fucking."

Looking forward to irrational thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the question is this: If someone edited Good Will Hunting with only the "f" word in it, how long would THAT be??

Alan said...

Comprehensive, as always

Minge said...


Alan Fisher said...

thanks for the wee mention, hen! x

Deni said...

Wow you do lead a busy life,I should take lessons from you...Deni

Flawed And Disorderly said...

Ha ha! THANKS for including me AND letting the world know I talked about boogers...no one has EVER given me the medical term STILL! Sheesh! Got babies that wanna be rocked. Catch ya lata!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

how about nasal mucus???