Boring Post With Pee!

So, things are actually pretty quiet here of late, probably more to do with me and Jo both being poorly still, unable to shake this germ. The heating is down, the windows are open a bit, we're eating and drinking properly, but this germ wants to stay firmly rooted within us.

As Jo posted last night, Tam is getting better at figuring out when she needs to go. Usually she gets the feeling, strips off and then refuses to use the potty. Invariably, she will pee somewhere she shouldn't - the floor is the biggest victim, but the sofa has been hit in a friendly fire incident, as has Jo's computer chair which is highly amusing to me. She's hit mine too, but mine is a leather, pee-on-scrub-off deal, while Jo's is a nice absorbent sponge fabric & foam deal. It sucks the piss right up!

So yes, aside from germs and peeing, all has been well and truly dull. Heroes is still a great series and if you've not seen it, watch it, for heavens sake! We watched Constantine again last night. The first time we watched it was A) A crappy pirate copy, and B) The night we came home from hospital, so we didn't enjoy it, couldn't focus on it, and it was a bit too twisty for us shell-shocked sorts. After watching it again last night... Meh... I hear the comics/graphic novels are so much better. I actually managed to watch Finding Nemo for the first time since hospital too. The last time I watched it was the week before we lost Bethy, sitting in ICU of all places, keeping her entertained. I've looked at the box more and more of late thinking - knowing - Tam would enjoy it, and I needed to do it. So I did, and was fine. My mind jumped back a couple of times, but nothing serious.

Jo is a bit happier again now too, after the night of sobbing. I left her in bed till she wanted to get up (Which was designated by her handy dandy Tam-Alarm-Clock-System) and we pottered around tidying up, made something to eat and chilled out, and she's much perkier. Thank goodness.

All in all, everything is OK, aside from this bug!

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2 Responses to “Boring Post With Pee!”

Anonymous said...

That is one of William's favorite movies-he saw it in the hospital, after "the event"....I can appreciate not wanting to watch it for a long time, but admire your watching it for Tam's sake.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

That's one of my most favorite movies as well....
I can only imagine how tough it was to watch again.

Think of you often buddy!