Linkage & Weekly Roundup!

It's been a while since I did one of these posts, and generally, they're well received - so I figured "What better thing to do just after 5am?" Trying to find an image for these posts is almost as hard as getting one for the tag posts, but I managed it :D So ner. Gold star for those that get the reference.

Anyway, it's been a shitty iffy week but after Wednesday, things are certainly on the up, which is nice. makes a nice change to not sit here mooding and dreading upcoming dates. The biggest surprise for my week came in the form of an email to Jo a couple of days back, when someone we've not seen for... erk... six years contacted her out of the blue. Added to this, he contacted me through WoW the same day after my long boring post that I posted for no reason. Very odd. So welcome back Pogo.

His name is Dave, but he's been Pogo since college. Bless.

In other news... Tam is using the loo, Jaysen has a genetic weakness to mud, I nearly killed myself on lemon not once but twice, and Jo keeps physically abusing me. So almost a normal week really. Oh, and I am (obviously) still waking up at silly times.

And I showered my keyboard yesterday. In the bath. Moving on...

The blogosphere has been busy busy busy over the last few weeks, and I've added a couple more to my list of readings. The first is Man Overboard which is a chap somewhere in deepest darkest American with the same sense of humour as me. The second is Steel Magnolia, which is Terri from Whomagoo with her own personal blog to break play with. All good stuff. And lastly, welcome home Mr Alan in Scotland, who is no longer a high-flyer and being repressed in the middle east!

So, on with the blogs! Most of these are the most recent posts on there as I fell behind, but most of them are linked with reason, probably that it made me chuckle or think. Yes, I do that occasionally.
  • - Jo proves I am a nice chap!
  • - Minge is entertained by his StatCounter results.
  • - Alan from Scotland has fun with his ebay listings.
  • - Gretchen talks Mud, Diet and Exercise (Congrats on the improvements!)
  • - Stuart has fun in the snow, and Kieran seems to love it!
  • - China Blue remembers she owns a blog and sums up her chaos.
  • - Debbie also plays the catchup game!
  • - Deni gets her hair dyed, and now clashes with her coat (women...)
  • - Karin clearly has too much free time and updates her book list.
  • - Emma (being a perv) talks condoms!
  • - Other Emma is also amused with the white stuff from the sky.
  • - Jenny admits to her Comment Addiction. So go spam her.
  • - The Girl posts about Valentines Day (Adult Blog Warning!)
  • - Grayma rants about certain Heart Charities being, well, twats.
  • - Lara remembers she too owns a blog, and plays catchup!
  • - Alan in Ireland shares the same hatred of small talk as me!
  • - Nancy receives a very lovely Valentines card from her son...
  • - Joansy has trouble with her Wee Ones homework.
  • - Gman finds subtle undertones in kids games. Or, like me, has a mind like that.
  • - Laney has a tired Tuesday - and realises she's probably going to meet me!
  • - Nee Naw contemplates breaking, entering and dog theft.
  • - Reynolds gets invited to see Casualty being filmed by the BBC.
  • - Christine does her first Vlog, but says nothing!
  • - Jenny buys the worlds supply of Pretzels (Blergh!) and rips off the store!
  • - Tim sells a very rare signed shirt for charity! YaY!
  • - Terri has a rant about health insurance (then so do her readers!)
  • - Brian posts a short, sweet item about something I noticed a few days back.
  • - Becky also realises she's not updated her blog for a century!
  • - Sween captures the aftermath of an ice storm.
As usual, all is chaos in the world of Bloggers.

Other stuff to catch my eye on the blogs out there is Minge doing his "Window on the World" again this weekend. Let's get lots of pictures sent his way! The basics: at 5pm GMT, take a photo from your window, and email it to him, with details if you like. That's GMT, NOT your local time. Granted, this will mean some of you taking dark photos, or morning pictures, or some of you being asleep, but still.

And remember, go spam Jenny with lots of comments. She will love you for all eternity.

Obviously, with this week marking the second anniversary of us losing Bethy, various readers of 0ddness have published their own tributes. So special thanks to all of you that took the time to remember Little Moo; Debbie, Karin, Emma, Other Emma, Grayma, Nancy and finally, Tim. On top of that, thank you and welcome to those that came from the three forums that had a Bethy remembrance on them;,, and If the respective members of these forums could send my thanks and appreciation on, that would be grand :)

Moving on, the rest of the web. As usual, there is plenty of 0ddness out there to keep the bored, tired and generally "looking for something to do" club busy. As usual, anything marked with a red warning, it's up to you to click it ;)
And there we have it - an hour and a half wasted by typing out this post. The sun has come up, plus the postie and milkie have been. Don't say I don't love ya!

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7 Responses to “Linkage & Weekly Roundup!”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I love that you did this...

I'm going to go check out that When Harry Met Sally deal..

Underwear Girl (JennyHaHa)
is going to LOVE you for sending people to her blog for comments!!! HEE HEE! Her and her "comment envy" ... *sigh*

and thank you for pointing out the ole health insurance rant on my new blog!! It is something people over here should be concerned about. Could be them next.

Dan said...

You're most welcome :) The Harry met Sally thing is just way too amusing. I linked a Mary Poppins one a while back that made me laugh too!

So again, you're welcome for the links!

Flawed And Disorderly said...

That Jenny person sounds desperate and crazy.

Dan said...

Better desperate and crazy than being a comment prostitute ;)

Even though both statements are actually correct!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Dan.. that When Harry Met Sally Horror Mix was hysterical...
very well done!!

Good job...

Dan said...

Thank you darlin :D I accept most major credit cards...

Just don't sign the back and send it to me ;)

g-man said...

Thank you for the kind words. Deepest AND darkest part of America, just outside our nations capital.