Happy Birthday Baby

Today is Jo's 29th birthday! Happy Birthday my love!

Of course, I can't actually tell her in person, as she is currently somewhere in the wilds of England battering the pants off people with swords, maces, axes, tree branches, table legs, and whatever else happens to be to hand. Yep folks, she's away for her birthday. Tam is at her nans, so it's me, Jaysen, MSN and WoW all weekend baby! Well, it's mostly Spring Cleaning, Laundry and entertaining the animals, but still...

Today is also the day we were engaged maaaaany moons ago, on her 18th birthday. One Knee, Ring, people around going Awww. I miss my love.

Anyway, I have it on good authority that her chums along side her in the afore-mentioned wilds are keeping her well entertained. Being that it's the Easter Holidays over here (ie, no school for two weeks) and that it's a long weekend here in England (Friday and Monday are both Bank Holidays, which means no work for anyone except, well, a lot of people, but still) the game she's at is a long one - Thursday till Monday. However, because a couple of friends drive a HUGE distance out of their way just to get her, they grabbed her a day earlier, and she'll be home a day later - Wednesday of last week, till this coming Tuesday.

So, Tuesday afternoon she comes home, not doubt knackered and exhausted, chills out Wednesday and then - THEN - Thursday she's off again! Zombie Bloodfest, a game she originally created is kicking off the following weekend!

Ahhh the crazy life of a bachelor and/or single parent! hehehe

Happy birthday Jo. I hope you have a great day, and I miss you loads.

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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Baby”

g-man said...

Awwww. That was nice. Enjoy the time that you are together.

debbie said...


what a romatic you are Dan,

Happy Birthday Jo, I hope you have a great weekend battering all you can., cant really say Happy Anniversay either but I hope you have a good time when you get home JO

Deni said...

Happy Birthday Jo,we share the same Birthday,I think you are having more fun than me......Yes I am sure of it.lol

Nancy Jensen said...

Happy Birthday to Jo! And of course, Happy Easter too.

So Dan and Jo have been engaged for 11 years... is the wedding going to be THIS year? At least that's what they said last year... hhhmm... Bets anyone? :-P