Interesting Start to the Weekend

So, crack of 10am I roll out of bed, stumble downstairs, get fed, get tea, stumble back upstairs, clean myself up, do my hair (yes, yes), and plonk myself down in front of Sky News webpage. "Quake Hits Southern England".


Now, this is England. We don't get Earthquakes - they are reserved for Japan, California and the middle of the Pacific. We whine about weather, the cost of living, the government and the entertainment industry. Do we have to add "I wonder if the town will fall over."

Granted, it wasn't a very big one - 4.4 on the scale apparently, but it's all that is on the TV and Radio. Lots of property damage, power down, gas leaks and so on. We spoke to our friend Paul who lives down there in Kent, and everyone is fine, just scared the pants off people. Bet it's going to be the big news of the week though...

Of course, we wouldn't be England if the news wasn't also dominated with the weather. Apparently we're going to be "hotter than Mexico" this weekend, and our Summer is likely to be the hottest ever. Blah blah blah, bring on the sunshine. I don't care if one of the papers has a great big red "40C" as it's headline.

Now comes the arguments for the weather being amusing due to global warming. Wonder if they'll try pinning it on the quake as well.

Or maybe Jack Thompson will announce both are due to video games...

Edit: For those interested, Kent is just south of us, in a straight line pretty close, but I was far too snoozy to have noticed anything :)

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6 Responses to “Interesting Start to the Weekend”

Em's way said...

It wasn't an earthquake, it was Gary farting !!

Ps Tag - your turn hehe

Alan said...

I'm trying to come up with something witty and funny to say about 10am's crack, but I'm still stuck on imagery

Karma Rising said...

awww and i missed all the excitement

The Random One said...

What don't they blame on global warming/video games/the president/the youth today?


Well, I'm glad us here in California could finally send an earthquake elsewhere...!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I'm sure it's all President Bush's fault...


everyone blames him for everything around here!

we just watched the movie "The Queen" was pretty gosh darn good!

g-man said...

Oh yeah, I had meant to write to ask if you were affected by the quake. Bummer, I do believe that is one of the signs of the Apocalypse. That and the lack of summer ice in the north Atlantic.