House Sitting

So, here we are. Congrats to Laney for guessing exactly which area we are in. We're currently house sitting for Jo's parents which is fun, with their four ducks, dog, half-dozen cats, chinchillas, fish... All fun and games.

We're only here for the weekend, and should be home Sunday evening, all things being equal. Which I hope we are, as it's a school night. I've managed to fix their wireless internet, and have gotten their laptop online, so joy there too.

We've got a couple of Jo's friends over tonight from roleplaying - Patch, and his wife, Jackie - both former bikers and a great laugh. So it's a roast dinner, lots of booze, and lots of laughs tonight.

No doubt I'll be posting more from the mobile phone - which is where the smaller, photo-posts are coming from. Unless I drop it in the beer or something.

As for home, we're told they might be able to fix the fault, but they believe it lies in a kilometer of wiring somewhere. Can they just give us a new one? no no, that'd be easy. So we're planning on ditching them completely and getting BT. Bastards.

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2 Responses to “House Sitting”

Laney said...

Haha! I knew it! I grew up round there(obviously, as we went to the same school), so know it well. Just switch to BT, we are bored without you both. :)

g-man said...

Glad you are enjoying the perks. For the love of Pete don't drop the phone in the beer, it is just not good for the beer.