Veg Out Day

Today, for the first time since... er... well, the first time that I can remember in a while, I've had to do precisely nothing all day long. For reasons only known to my body, I was up at six this morning, where I proceeded to shower, leave my hair down, dried, dressed, and plonked at the computer.

I have been playing WoW virtually ALL day which is nice - chatting to friends, having a bit of a laugh, and generally having my feet up and not having to worry about anything. One of our neighbours, Cel, has a brother staying with her, and he's a WoW addict too, so he's here next to me playing on Jo's computer, while she and Cel are at her house playing SingStar.

Now, granted, I am a bit freaked out by having to entertain a stranger, and am resisting the urge to throw up, but otherwise, he seems nice enough. All we've done is chat about what we do on the game, but that's enough for me. I'm shaking and nervous - talk about social anxiety.

And in about half an hour, me and him are heading back to Cels, where she is cooking us chinese. The thought of having to go out is also filling me with dread, but we have to do these things...

Aside from WoW, I've made some tea, bathed a dog, had a quick tidy up and done a couple of wash loads, but all in all, it's been a nice, lazy day.

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One Response to “Veg Out Day”

g-man said...

Good for you! There never seem to be enough "nothing to do" days. Glad you made it through yours without barfing.