Face/Off Musical Monday - Yes, I'm Lazy

Sometimes my own laziness ingenuity surprises even me. Yes, I've had a shitty weekend, and yes, the weather is grey and pouring with rain. "But Dan-" I said to myself in the shower, like all crazies do "-that's not a reason to let down your loyal readers" And I agreed with myself. As I usually do, as it's novel. So no, you won't miss Musical Monday, and Face/Off Friday is a few days late.

The people will let you off.

And so they should, after all, I would hate to spread secret information about them on the intarweb. What sort of person am I to do such a thing. Just because someone is Old, or Short, or Blonde, or otherwise a target of my evil ways, who am I to be horrible,

Oh yes, me.

But anyway... Musical Monday today is a cover of a song I love to bits. However, the actual original version I can take or leave, and the song in general is certainly full of strange lyrics. Incubus - Turning Japanese is a cover of the original song by The Vapours, and I am sure there are those among you that know what the song is a reference to. If not, Google is your friend.

And, to slot in nicely with the Musical Monday theme, we'll have a Face/Off Friday Monday with the songs. Ignore the videos. The Incubus version is a home-made video, the Vapours video is, er... well, it's full of 80s strangeness.

First, we have the Original version of the song: The Vapours - Turning Japanese

Next, we have the Cover of the song: Incubus - Turning Japanese

So, given the choice, which version do YOU prefer? Lodge your vote in the comments section of this post!!

Votes so Far:
Vapours Original - 0
Incubus Cover - 1

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3 Responses to “Face/Off Musical Monday - Yes, I'm Lazy”

Stuart Wilson said...

Oh come on... The original by The Vapours.... Of course!

No remake of an 80's classic could ever come close to the original!!!

Long live the 80's

The Random One said...


It sounds a little more guitary in the cover version, but the vocals in the original match the song much better. It just sounds so much more strange.... like the song! ^_^

Nancy Jensen said...

The Vapours. They even have a little japanesish sound to it. I know that doesn't make sense but since when do I ever make sense? lol