It's Gonna Be Busy...

OK, so last night was a shite night. Could not get comfortable, hurting all over, the Tam joined us in the bed as well, so I was cramped and hot.

Yes, this is going to be a pissy, moany post.

Anyway, this house has more pets than we did. Dog (Plus Sally as well), army of cats, ducks, fish, chinchillas, plus the garden to water and hose down. Plus Tam is into everything in this highly non-child-proof house. What is it about grandparents that get everything as appealing to toddlers, as fragile as possible, and put everything in such easy to reach places.

I could literally moan all day, but I won't. For a change of pace ;)

Luckily, I've not been playing WoW for a couple of weeks now, so not missing out on that, but still, all my stuff is in my house, but here, it's someone elses stuff, which just doesn't entertain.

Here's hoping you lot are having a good time!

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2 Responses to “It's Gonna Be Busy...”

g-man said...

you could have some fun and play "Switcher-roo" with the old people's meds!

Have fun.

Unknown said...

something to amuse you