Universal Language

Being an Ignorant Brit, I am surrounded by people that speak different languages. There are Dutch, French, Germans, Belgians and more talking here, and aside from some words, I know nothing of what they are saying. Except in the extremes: a couple dealing with a grumpy child - I know he wants that sweet, but he's not allowed. The look me and the father exchange is one the is universal - his apologising smile, my understanding nod. Or the young couple sitting entwined on the seat, whispering and giggling.

We passed a wedding yesterday, posing for photos, all laughing and smiling, sharing jokes. You didn't need to undertand the language to know how happy they all were...

Language is more than just words, and being as ignorant as the majority of us, it makes me feel pretty stupid to know these people speak SEVERAL languages!

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One Response to “Universal Language”

Daddy Cool said...

I hear ya. Nice to see we all share certain things across the globe.