Dear Mr Motorcyclist

I'm sorry you had such a bad start to your morning. I was getting ready to cross the road when I saw you waiting to pull out, so thankfully, me and Jaysen were waiting for you. When you pulled out and your bike ran away with you, my first thoughts were for your safety. The crunch as your bike somersaulted and rolled over you made me wince in the pain I knew you must have felt.

I actually ran for the first time in a while today, depositing my son on the front door step as I ran to help you, pulling out my phone to call an ambulance for you. I was so relieved to see you moving, even though you were trapped under the bike. It took me and a neighbour to move the bike, and I'm really glad you listened to us to stay still.

I'm glad the lady at Ambulance Dispatch was so helpful, and I am really sorry to her that I completely forgot my mobile number. But, Mr Motorcyclist, we were all impressed when the ambulance got to you so quickly, and that those two bus drivers blocked the idiot drivers trying to run over you. The impatient idiots of the world piss me off, but you probably weren't as worried by them as me and the neighbour were.

Your shoulder looked horrible, but I'm glad it was only dislocated. Your leg sounded horrible, but the fact you stood on it was good.

I hope you're on the mend and feeling better.

All the best,
One of the guys helping you this morning.


Dear Ignorant Arrogant French Woman,
I'm sorry you felt the man laying in the road in agony was an inconvenience. The bus drivers had blocked the road for a reason, to stop prats like you running over afore-mentioned man in the road. I'm sorry you couldn't follow every other driver and take two minutes out your day to drive around the accident scene.

I'm also sorry you felt the need to give me and my neighbour such a dirty look. Your kids go to the same school as Jaysen, and HE wasn't late in, and we walk. Speaking of which, does a 12 minute walk scare you that much? And to think the school employs you to teach the kids french.

That is, the parents that think your stupid costs are acceptable.

I hope, Ignorant Arrogant French Woman, that it is never you laying in the road while traffic drives past your head because you inconvenienced someone.

Up Yours,
The guy who you had to drive around so you didn't run someone over.


Dear Bus Drivers,
Thank you. Thank you for using your buses to stop as many of the idiot drivers (Including Ignorant Arrogant French Woman) that were trying to finish off Mr Motorcyclist. I know your managers drive you hard to meet targets and get results, but this was a case of another person in need. You did the right thing, and I think your passengers would agree.

Long Riding gets busy in the mornings, with people going to work, doing school runs and what have you - for you to stop the traffic from both directions and move it on was excellent and probably made the ambulance get to Mr Motorcyclist quicker than if there was a traffic jam in the way.

Thanks guys,
The guy who could only smile and nod while he was talking to the emergency services.

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5 Responses to “Dear Mr Motorcyclist”

debbie said...

sounds horrific Dan, I am sure one day that man on the bike will thank you..

and I bet he was glad you were there too.. and being quick on you feet.. Hope your ok and dont have any nightmares tonight,, glad the man on the bike is okayish too,, well done to the bus drivers,, oh for the record never did like french anyway..

The Random One said...

Good for you. You should've topped off this morning with throwing said French woman in a ditch.

Hope all is alright for you and Mr. Motorcyclist.

Laney said...

Well, that's your good deed for this year Dan, you can rest easy now. Well done for thinking on your feet and doing what most other bystanders couldn't be arsed to do.

Oh, and the French woman sounds like a wanker, although Taylor does enjoy her French lessons. ;)

Em's way said...

Good on you dan, though that did make me feel all shivery as its almost identical to garys accident ;S . Not sure who irritates me more, the driver(s) who did not want to wait for a few minutes, or the pricks who stop their cars right by the accident site so they can get some kind of kick from seeing someone injured.. never have understood those kinda peeps. Nor the ones who take their kids to watch the aftermath of an accident.. gah some people grrrrr. Karma will bite Mrs french Bint on the arse... hard I hope !! Good on the bus drivers though, they can be useful sometimes hehe

Hope you and Jaysen are not too shaken xxxx

Nancy Jensen said...

You did the right thing and I'm glad that you were able to help the motorcycle guy. How nice of the bus drivers to help block traffic and protect him. And the IAFW (Ignorant Arrogant French Woman) should be grateful that it wasn't HER lying on the ground while other people tried to run her over!

I hope that motorcycle guy is ok. I'm sure he is very glad that you were there to help him out.