Germs and Life

So, last week I got poorly. It started in my nose and spread from there, making me feel, well, icky as hell. My nose was blocked but running green, by eyes were bulging and watering, I ached and felt like crap. I carried on as best I could, but otherwise just sort of curled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

No, this wasn't ManFlu - that is a much worse disorder. This was just a cold, and I did stuff around the house and what have you. Of course, in the process, I managed to give it to Jo who is now dealing with her ManFlu. She's such a wimp ;)

So, aside from feeling grotty all week, I've been really tired, and the weekend with Emmas news, I've been kind of deflated the last few days. I've been keeping busy and trying to keep the head occupied, but it's not working the whole time. I just wish I could give Emma a big hug, tell her it'll be ok.

And since last night, my head has started pounding. Great.

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