House Sitting 2: The Revenge

So, last night me and Jaysen traipsed across Basildon to come help out Jo with the housesitting. It was quite a slog, with three backpacks, two bags of shopping and a stupid-ass dog, but we made it.

And yes, my feet smelled.

But anyway, we get in and the first thing that greets us is the sound of a blaring television. Jo rolls her eyes when I ask about it - thinking Tam was screwing with the remote. No no, it was "The Aunt", at the back of the house, on another floor, with the TV cranked up so high, I could hear it perfectly before even entering the house.


All evening, we stayed in the lounge while the anti-social old cow had her TV loud enough to drown out Pirates of the Caribbean in surround sound. Through a closed door. Then she came in and asked Jo for food.

She's poorly, not crippled.

So, 10pm, not a school night, we throw the kids into bed, neither of which can sleep because the TV downstairs is still blaring. She knows the kids are in bed, because A) They said good night, and B) We told her, hoping she'd get the hint. She didn't.

We go to bed around 11pm, TV still blaring, kids getting cranky, me really cranky, and me and Jo are in bed listening to her listen to some political debate program. I listen, through two closed doors, on a different floor of the house, to them debate the state of the NHS when finally, around midnight, it goes off.

Thank F$CK.

2am, the dog we're looking after starts to randomly bark. And at 3, 4, 5, and then pretty much constantly till 8am. And then the TV goes on downstairs.

So, today I am tired, cranky, headache-ridden, and ready to kill someone. Even as I sit here writing this, Jaysen is watching Cartoon Network, and I can hear - through two closed doors and at different sides of the house - her listening to her Daytime TV programmes.


And don't get me started on the list of things Jo has to do, the fact the wireless network has been thrown away (the one I fixed, that worked perfectly, but his laptop was broken, so he assumed it was the network) and I have to connect to the web a different way, AND the lack of food that Jo has been left to house sit - she had to do her own shopping, despite being told "there's plenty in the fridge/freezer"

*more huffs*

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4 Responses to “House Sitting 2: The Revenge”

debbie said...

Hi Dan, has this dear old Moo relative of Jos heard of headphones, My Nan is exactly the samt at 93 the neighbours were complaining the Volume was at 97 on the screen,, we brought her some battery operated headphones so no need for wires,, and it did the trick..

g-man said...

Bummer on the lack of sleep. (Today I can relate in spades) I had to be at work at 3AM, just as well since I was not sleeping anyway.

Hope you can get a nap or something.

Nancy Jensen said...

I heard about the "aunt" from Jo when we were chatting a couple of mornings ago (morning for her, I was on my way to bed... hehe). Here's the plan I came up with. When Jo's parents get back from vacation, have Jo and her mum take the old auntie out shopping while you and Jo's dad pack up the old biddie's things. When the women get back, don't let the aunt out of the car, just throw her things in and take her to her house. Drag her inside her home if you need to and run like crazy!!!

Do you think she would take the hint then? LOL!

Trying to get by on little to no sleep is sooooooo fun! Well, as often as I do you would think it was fun. *notice sarcasm*

Hope you get some rest soon! Jo's parents come back Sunday, right? It's Sunday now in England... so the count-down begins!

Nancy Jensen said...

Just had to remind you of what you wrote on Weds, Oct 17: *quote* "Jo has been phoning on and off all morning, something about lack of sleep or something, but you know how these females exaggerate."

hhhhmmmm.... seems that you just wrote something along the same lines, whinning about of lack of sleep, blah, blah, blah...