Little Man

Because there is a distinct lack of photos of Jaysen on here, I decided to add a few ;) Click any to embiggen!

Pirate Day at School

Chicken Pox

Gemmas Wedding

Love Mummy

Eighth Birthday

Snuggled in Mummys Dressing Gown

Red Sweeties!

Here's to my Little Man, Jaysen. I hope he carries on smiling.


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2 Responses to “Little Man”

Nancy Jensen said...

Yay for Jaysen photos! I especially like the pirate one... but then I'm really liking the pirate theme these days. And look at him all dressed up for Gemma's wedding! He sure looks good all gussied up. I especially like that he smiles even while getting goop on his chicken pox. He's a great kid! Now that I am looking at it again, I really like how that last picture turned out too... bright red tongue and dark blue shirt. You should take another one after he eats a blue popcicle and wearing a red shirt. haha!

Thanks for those photos.

Laney said...

My favourite is the pirate one, but I'm also loving the fact that we have a bonus cleavage shot in the one with Jo. Don't you have enough boobs around here already Dan? ;)