Having Nightmare Day(s)

With us toddling off to a friends for the weekend, we decided to fiddle the laptop into getting Warcraft to run so we're not left out. Well, I decided it wouldn't hurt to reinstall the laptop, and a couple of days back, set to the "Backup/Copy/Reinstall" formula that some of you know so well.

And I got the bloody thing running again TODAY. It's just been a complete f'ing bitch to sort out, with errors and whatnot, but finally, I beat it into submission and now have a laptop that can run WoW - it'll be low quality, but it works, and that's a win in my book.

This morning Jaysen was a pain in the ass and was arguing and bitching about everything. A few late nights in a row and he becomes Satan incarnate. Anything and everything that could go wrong DID go wrong today, not to mention the house appeared to resemble a squat. Thankfully, my shouting and ranting at The Boy this morning woke up Jo, and while I was doing the school run - running late, no less - she set to deshitifying the house.

I'm tired, I ache, and just pissed off. I am SO looking forward to escaping for the weekend!

Saw the doctor yesterday finally, after getting accepted to the new surgery. However, we saw the Nurse, not the doc for whatever reasons, which means the meds I ran out of night-before-last but was expecting to get replaced yesterday... Well, hopefully I'll get a refill by Friday morning or the weekend will be... interesting.

We went to Jo's parents last night for Halloween. Her mum makes a mean chunky chilli, the kids dress up and hand out the sweets to the kids knocking on the doors, and generally act social. However... Within 15 minutes of walking in, Jo's dad gave me his laptop and said "computery things - fix the sound". I spent 45 minutes getting pissed off at someone elses computer (remember, at this point, I was losing in a fight against my own machine!), and could NOT figure it out. I threw in the towel, when Jo's mum leaned in and turned up the volume control on the side.

I couldn't make this shit up ;)

It was just one thing after another, and by 8.30pm, I was ready for bed. My laptop had other ideas, and I sat up till gone 11pm screaming at the stupid thing. I won though.

Anyways, we're now into November. Joy. Xmas is looming, the shops in town at getting worse, but on the bright side, there is plenty of Stollen for me to gorge myself on. Mmmmm...

As for the boobies of October - I still have a couple of Female-Pairs to put up, and then, just for the girls, I will do a post of Moobs. I have mine still to post, and a few pairs that have been sent to me, so fair is fair, after all. As it stands, I've got just over £15 to donate to a Breast Cancer charity from the girlies, and probably another £5 or so for the moobs. Not too shabby, really.

And I have received a challenge from someone. If I start "training" now, she will stump up £50 for me to do a walk of at least 26 miles in 2009. That's a marathon. This is my own fault for mentioning I'd love to do something walkie-based for charity, and so there it is. Gauntlet thrown.

And who am I to engage common sense?! So in the next few days/weeks/months, I have to decide on What and Where I am going to do, and figure out some kind of "get slightly fitter so I don't fall over" scheme. Happy Days.

If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm rather fond of trying to find a 26-mile slope and buying a pair of roller skates... And for the bloody-minded among you, yes, I have a passport!

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One Response to “Having Nightmare Day(s)”

debbie said...

Hi Dan,

as your already under the dr,, can you get you dr to provide you with a prescript for the gym, they do in our area you get 12 weeks at a reduced rate,, then if you like it you can suscribe to a gym,, or you can walk lots with Sally,, and I mean 2 hours at least but what ever you do, even if its walking up and down the stairs it has to be over 30 mins and 3 times a week,, so weight training will be good for body toning too,, and if you tell the gym about your back they can help you with what you should be doing..

good luck honey