Jo's A Perv (Still)

This weekend in London, there is a show, a convention, if you will, of all things rude, perverted, adult and sexy. Erotica 2007, no less.

And of course, Jo is going.

Last night, Cel and Lane were over, helping Jo "do her hair" which involved stinking gloop to make it go from dark-something, to dark-something-else. Sue me, I'm colour blind. They also helped her pick out her clothes for today. Now, I say "clothes" in the loosest possible sense of the word, being that she's of the Less is More school of thought. No folks, it doesn't matter that it's between one and five degrees celcius here, nor that she has to ride a train into Jolly Old London, no, Jo is wearing her stockings, sexy undies, micro skirt, corset, and fishnet sleeves.

And that's it. Well, aside from a coat, of course.

The show covers pretty much everything from sex, lingere, body art, toys, talks & discussions... Not to mention the fact that the ever-so-sexy Dita Von Teese is going to be there. For those that don't know who she is, she was married to Marylin Manson, and is a practitioner of true Burlesque.

It was in the balance whether or not Jo would be able to go what with the money situation. However, her friends Sarah & Paul had bought a ticket for our other friend Patch, but he couldn't make it - so has given his ticket to the woman. She's over the moon, and he is even more so as I sent him photos of what Jo is (almost) wearing.

So, with the wench away in the capital, me and the kids will be slobbing it all day, probably not even getting dressed. Hey, it's Sunday, I can be a slob if I wanna. Especially as I was up till gone 2am, laying in bed texting someone that was rather drunk. Till I flaked out, and the vibration of the phone didn't wake me!

Anyway, hurrah for lingerie!

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5 Responses to “Jo's A Perv (Still)”

Laney said...

Lucky Jo(and you and half the capital with her in that get up!). I am jealous, I'd love to go to that!

Posh Totty said...

Hmmmm I wonder who that drunk person could of been? :oP

debbie said...

Oh No you not been sending uncohearent messages to Dan have you Mand??? PMSL,

g-man said...

Did she come home with one of those car adapter vibrators? I read something today about those being given away at that event.

I like your use of sexy women.

Better Jo a perv than not!

Em's way said...

I was not drunk :O I was merely offering you a kebab :)