Snotty McSnotpants

Yes, a cow-tissue dispenser, in honour of Miss Daisy-Moo that put us up for the weekend. Not to mention in addition, I am currently Mr Snotty McSnotpants of Snotsville, Snotonia. Someone has managed to return my cold to me, and this time, on top of the constant sneezles and eye leakage, it's in my throat too.

First we thought I was allergic to something at Daisys cowshed beautiful home, but we couldn't pin down anything. Local flora and fauna? Would have stopped by now. Allergic to there being no dust in the air, unlike home? Probably not. So, we're back on the assumption that it's a cold. I had it, Jo and Jaysen had it, and now the mutated bug has returned to me. Joy.

I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose - it's sore again from constant tissue-wipage., my head is doing the all-over-ache thing (no, not from booze thank you) and I hurt from head to toes. I felt rough enough (hehe) this morning that I had Jo do the school run. It's cold outside, so it's best she brave it.

Me, I am wrapped up snuggly in my Big Red Dressing Gown and am contemplating getting out The Big Green Jumper for when I get dressed. Nothing says "Dan is Sick!" like the Big Green Jumper.

But anyway.

We had a great weekend and neither of us wanted to come home. The food was great, the alcohol consumption was impressive - Saturday night saw us drinking random shots from random drinks, ranging from distilled brandy (which blew ye olde socks off), melon, apple, lemon liqueurs, tequila, sour drinks, comedy drinks, as well as "holy shit this is vile, here Dan you taste it" drinks.

And a fried breakfast for the morning after. Perfect.

If anyone there happens to get ill, I am going to point out that it's Jo's fault and she should get all the blame.

Anyway, this week sees Jo poodling off to deepest darkest where ever this Friday, leaving the kids to kill me and bury me under the outhouse. Aside from the germfest that is me, I'm hoping this week toddles by uneventfully, and the germs get out of Dodge.

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3 Responses to “Snotty McSnotpants”

Emma said...

you were here AGAIN???!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan gave me his germs............

The Special Zipper said...

Just read your most recent posts .. hoping for uneventful .. damn! What an understatement.