It has to be said, Boys Weekend is off to a less-than-auspicious start. For dinner, I created the culinary masterpiece of "Microwave Sweet and Sour" for Jaysen, and "Microwave Duck in Ho Sin Sauce" for yours truly. While the little mans dinner was cooking, it smelt marvellous. I love chinese food at the best of times, and I love duck, but his Sweet and Sour smelled glorious.

While mine was cooking, I wondered for a moment if I was microwaving the cats toilet. OK, it probably didn't smell that bad, but none the less, it wasn't a "oooh I can't wait to eat that" smell.

So I cook it, serve it and think "doesn't look as good as Jaysens" but, none the less, I take my plate and my manly glass of milk upstairs and sit at my desk eating. Jaysen inhaled his dinner and said how nice it was.

Mine wasn't quite that good. The rice was almost powdery. The duck was full of bone, gristle and "bits" and tasted like microwaved ass. Whatever that tastes like, but I think it was a pretty good approximation. I managed to "eat" just under half of it before giving up. I complained to the management, but he didn't listen.

Sally enjoyed it, after I picked out the rest of the boney bits.

An hour or so later, from nowhere, a migraine arrived. If I didn't know better, I was being house-invaded and was smacked in the head with a lump of solid matter. It literally came on from nowhere. Ugh. So, shit dinner, and now I felt like hell. I flopped on the sofa, told Jaysen "bed in half an hour" and stayed there trying to remain Conscious and... well, actually, that was my only goal. I got myself some water and had a sip here and there.

Jaysen was great - he let Sally out for her bedtime pee, locked the back door, turned off the lights, and went to bed. I was minutes behind for bed. When Jo is away, he sleeps in our bed with me, and was reading. As I stumbled into the room, he apologised for the light being on (he was reading) and clicked it off for me, and I collapsed into bed, pillow on my head, brain feeling like it's trying to push its way out my eyeball.

An hour later, the crappy duck and rice put in a repeat performance, only in reverse as my migraine dragged me from bed, put my head in the toilet, and emptied out the rubbish dinner. Better out than in I suppose.

And it didn't smell much different either ;)

The headache subsided drastically after that, I had some more water, was able to check my mail, and finally flopped into bed and slept, finally falling out of bed just after half nine this morning. The head is fine this morning - fuzzy from meds, and a dull ache inside which is nothing in comparison, so I'm officially restarting Boys Weekend with a bowl of porridge.

And hurrah for Saturday Morning blogposts containing vomit! At least it wasn't booze-orientated vomit I suppose!

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5 Responses to “Bleeeergh...”

debbie said...

OH Dan,

I really feel for you honey, Charlies are getting worse and lasting longer the older he gets, and what son you have there to say sorry for having the light out and letting Sally out locking up ect.. if it were me, I would still have to do the dame lot

Posh Totty said...

Should of just ordered a take away, at least you could let someone else take the blame ;o)

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Dan said...

Jaysen can be a saint :D
but i felt better by morning so all good stuff!

The Random One said...

Microwave D:

Yay for helpful children :D

g-man said...

Sorry about the rough start. Nothing worse than microwaved duck ass. Glad you are better.